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I'm Daedala, I'm 33 and white, and I think of my style as, well, pretty boring. But in a good way! I like it! I feel very grounded, and I feel like I look great a lot of the time. It's somewhat stereotypical-librarian-ish. I have a very decided sense of what my style is.

I live in the Twin Cities (MN). I work for a very large bank in information security, and I love my job. I wear suits to work. I guess that means I'm a suit, but I've been told this is ok because (unlike many suits), I am happy and excited about my work and feel it has meaning.

What three things that you own are most you?

Ok, what I chose was more generic than that...

My hair. I have very, very long hennaed hair. The original color is dark brown, so henna makes it a dark reddish-auburn brown (and doesn't damage it the way other dyes would). When it's down, it's usually braided (and past my waist). When it's up, I have a variety of hair sticks, hair forks, bobby pins, etc. I get a fair number of random compliments on both the color and length. At first I was growing it out because I liked long hair; I keep it this way because I am lazy and it is easier -- I almost never have bad hair days. When my hair was shorter, it would sometimes wave in weird directions or stick up and I had to get it trimmed all the time and I had to blow-dry it. Now I spend more time brushing it, but less time doing everything else.

Brown. Once I started using henna in my hair, I began looking fabulous in earth tones (if you're into color analysis, I went from "winter" to "autumn"). I started building my wardrobe around them, especially dark chocolatey brown. My favorite outfit is a long sweeping medium-brown skirt, a soft darker-brown sweater with a surplice neckline, and tall brown boots. I do still wear colors, particularly greens and rusts.

Suits. How could I leave this out? I wear suits to work about 60% of the time. I am a contractor in IT, so I don't really have to -- I could do business casual and jeans all the time if I wanted -- but I'm in a bank, and I want to get hired, so I try to look uberprofessional. (Not professional enough to wear makeup, but nevermind.) Looking professional also seems to help with calls where I am telling people who far outrank me what they have to do for me. And, honestly, I like suits: I look good in tailored clothes, and through the magic of Ebay and consignment shops I can get a variety of decent ones without spending much. They don't fit as perfectly as I'd like, but the only way I'll ever get a perfect fit is by having them made custom, as I am not built the way the industry expects.

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Date: 2009-12-02 01:10 pm (UTC)
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Ohhh I love henna. I recently discovered that there is black henna dye and now I am in heaven.

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Date: 2009-12-05 03:01 pm (UTC)
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Indigo, is what I meant. Sorry, I should have been more specific and should definitely NOT internet before coffee. :)


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