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I'm Hillary. I'm 30, married to an Alpha Nerd, mother of an Evil Overlord, BFF to Distilled Awesome, and I'm a hospital floor nurse. I have always paid attention to the way I look, but I fell into the body acceptance movement by accident ("OOPS, I just realized I'm both fat & hot! Who knew?!") and suddenly I felt much more like paying attention to fashion, and how my clothing might make a statement about me. My mood changes day to day, but I almost always try to use my clothing to evoke the same core adjectives: intelligent, aware, adventurous, quirky. I love people, I love things, I love events, and I want to eat the whole world up. I want my appearance to reflect this, or at least make you suspect it when you look at me.

That said, the three things that I own that are most me:

1) Makeup!
I am a HUGE MAKEUP FAN! My favorite type is eyeshadow, and I never wear neutrals. Well, okay, I'll wear neutrals on either lips or eyes, but never both. If I wanted my face to look "natural" I'd just not wear any makeup at all. :) I'm a redhead but for whatever reason, cool colors tend to look much better on me, so I go for a lot of bright greens & blues & sometimes cool purples.

2) My iPhone
It's the internet in my pocket. I'm up to the minute, engaged in everything, no matter where I am. I can take pictures of anything, email them to my blogs, communicate with friends, look up information. I even have software for my job on it; Mosby's Nursing Drug Guide was the best $35 I ever spent!

3) Knee-length skirts
I suppose it's cheating to call a "category" something that's me, but seriously. I own a million knee-length skirts. Once upon a time I'd have told you I wear knee-length to cover up my large knees because I didn't like them. Screw that. I will now tell you that I wear knee-length because y'all, my calves are FINE. ^o^ I have really pretty calves and very nice ankles, and a knee-length skirt shows them off to great effect. In the winter, nothing is better than a knee-length skirt with tights & tall boots, & in the summer you get to wear bare legs & cute sandals with nail polish. It's a win all around.

Anyway, looking forward to some good discussion.

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Date: 2009-11-19 07:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cleo
I'm totally with you on the iPhone. It's pretty much an extension of my hand these days.


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