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Welcome to the Style Salon, a place for thoughtful discussion about style. This community was inspired by the LJ community [livejournal.com profile] stylishly_yours.

This is not a fashion community, nor an outfit of the day community, nor a place to criticise or snark about other people's style. Rather, it's a place to talk about questions like:

What is style?
What is my personal style?
How does style adapt to the stuff going on in our lives? (Work, family, travel, events...)
How can we be creatively stylish without spending a pile of money?
Who are our style icons, and why?

Remember that style is not just about clothes. It can also encompass anything from home furnishings to online presence.

I've created some guidelines which are included in the community profile. Consider this version 1.0; comments/suggestions are welcome.

Style Salon Guidelines:

* We believe that everyone can be stylish, and that each person's style is unique.

* We respect everyone's individual style and the process of finding their style, regardless of the vagaries of fashion.

* We don't criticise anyone's style -- whether members of this community or not (including famous people) -- unless they have specifically requested feedback.

* We don't criticise anyone's personal appearance (hair, skin, shape) nor suggest that any particular bodily features are "bad". While each of us may choose to adapt our personal styles to emphasise the features we love and draw attention away from those we don't, those are our personal decisions, and we won't assume that others share them.

* The Style Salon is gender inclusive, and welcomes people of all gender identities and expressions.

Comm etiquette question

Date: 2009-11-05 06:09 pm (UTC)
rivenwanderer: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rivenwanderer
Are posts of the form "Has anyone successfully combined [article X] with [article Y] in the same outfit?" on-topic?


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